Make a Bear Choices

Make a Bear Choices

Number 1 – Cow
Number 2 – Husky
Number 3 – Dragon
Number 4 Crocodile
Number 5 – Pink Poodle
Number 6 – Dolphin
Number 7 – Unicorn
Number 8 – Bunny Rabbit
Number 9 Girraffe
Number 10 – Elephant
Number 11 – Frog
Number 12 – Horse
Number 13 – Lamb
Number 14 – Monkey
Number 15 – Panda
Number 16 – Polar Bear
Number 17 – Tiger
Number 18 – White Tiger

Invitations can be downloaded here

*** To ensure you get the bears you want Bear choice forms MUST be in 6 working days PRIOR to party date ***

Bear choice forms can be downloaded here


– A $100.00 deposit is required on party bookings (Non Refundable).
– You will be charged for the number of children confirmed booked prior to party.
– The account must be paid on completion of your party. Your room will be allocated to you for 1.5 hours.
– Due to health restrictions, food is not allowed to be brought into the centre. Birthday cakes are the only exception.
– Extra children staying for the party but are not eating will be charged standard entry fee.
– Please ask guest to notify a staff member at the front counter on arrival.

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